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Allowing you to work with the textbook and PC at the same time that's the philosophy of this special, attractively priced offer. The package contains the printed paperback edition of BHS and a CD-ROM with the Hebrew Bible text and a powerful search engine.

The BHS is a revision of Kittel, Biblia Hebraica, prepared by H P Rüger and numerous other scholars on the basis of the St Petersburg Public Library manuscript B19a, with a thorough revision of the Masoretic apparatus by G E Weil. The complete small Masora is printed in the margin, and an apparatus refers the readers to the large Masora, printed separately. Foreword in English, German, French, Spanish, and Latin. Includes an English and German key to the Latin words and abbreviations and the other symbols.

The CD-ROM contains the text of the BHS without text-critical apparatus. The CD can be combined with all products of the CD-ROM Bible Edition series. This enables the user to compare the Hebrew Bible texts with modern Bible translations in a combined installation. 

【Program features】

  • Looking up references
  • Search with Boolean operators (AND, OR, AND NOT)
  • Limit your search to a certain range of the Bible text
  • Copy Hebrew Bible text to a word processor
  • English, French and German user interface
  • Hebrew True Type font


Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft

System specs: PC Windows® 95 onwards with CD-ROM drive 


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